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What’s your channel checklist for 2022?

Build your channel DNA:

If you are like most, there is typically a shortage of channel DNA across the organization. The best way to build channel DNA is to hire experienced channel professionals. Another way is to educate and teach your greater organization about the channel. Conduct lunch and learns, present at company meetings and use every opportunity to inform what you are doing in the channel and it’s importance to the rest of the organization. Reinforce channel benefits including:

· Improving sales efficiency

· Reducing the cost of sales & customer churn

· Amplifying your marketing reach (one:many)

· Increasing LTV

· And leverage client partner engagement for superior market intelligence.

Focus on the top of the funnel:

I’ve written about this in the past and nothing has changed – success starts with recruitment. Bringing in the wrong partner types results in lower producing partners and wastes partner sales time. Make sure you are recruiting the right partners in 2022 and that their profiles match your ideal partner persona’s.

Make sure your channel team is having fun:

Most channel teams are pretty tightknit because they are usually smaller than other teams across the organization. That makes it more critical that the team has fun, enjoying their work and appreciating their teammates. Employees that have fun are happier and will collaborate better leading to an improved emotional quotient across the channel team and company. So make sure you leave room for some fun and have a most successful 2022!

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