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Voice of the Partner (VOP)

Voice of the Partner surveys are a terrific way to regularly track and measure the health of your channel. RASA Consulting offers a VOP service that incorporates regular surveys and net promoter scores for your partner program. Asking your partners for their feedback anonymously generates the highest response rates by creating a transparent, safe, and open place for them to lend you their voice and arm you with critical insights for continuous partner channel improvement.

partner satisfaction

Our client was very concerned about their sales enablement at the beginning of 2020 due to the results of their VOP surveys. They recommitted resources over the next year and by Jan 2021 saw satisfaction scores improve by 20% for content and 40% for access (a truly frictionless experience!). 

VOP pic 1.png
VOP pic 2.png

partner needs

One of the most important aspects of the VOP surveys is listening to what they want and what they need. You will gain trust by being open to their feedback and acting on it with real solutions that solve partner needs and help them successfully grow their business.

partner growth

Making the commitment to your channel with VOP surveys improves engagement which is an important driver in partner sales success. This builds an emotional connection between you and the partner and shows them that you are committed to helping them grow their business by giving them the tools they have asked for.

VOP pic 3.png
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