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3 tips to help partners drive revenue expansion

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

At some point in a channel partners life the “status-quo” vs “expansion” conversation will come up and for those looking to expand - having a basic strategy to follow is critical to that success..

With thousands of marketing service offerings from automation to web design, to email & social media, and analytics it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin. With so many options and companies to choose from here are three things you can do today to help with your expansion plans.

1) Audit your base: Audit your customer base and determine what common areas are missing. For example, maybe you have several law firm clients but none of them are tracking their inbound lead attribution or very few are using email marketing to provide timely advise on how new local and state laws effect their clients. For the former, you should consider a call tracking company like CallRail that will take the guess work out of knowing which marketing tactics are working most effectively. For the latter, Constant Contact is a great solution that can handle email marketing with ease.

2) Go more vertical: Do you have a lot of clients in the same industry such as hospitality or home services? Maybe you have a half dozen restaurant clients or pool service contractors that are struggling with too many disparate marketing tools? For the former you could offer a complete end-to-end restaurant platform solution like BentoBox and for the latter, Thryv would be a terrific alternative for the pool contractor who struggles just to return calls to home owners.

3) Add a supplementary vendor: If you have most of your clients on the same marketing automation platform, adding a supplementary or complimentary tool to your portfolio makes perfect sense. The platform should offer unique features and price points that your primary vendor does not have. For example, maybe you are a HubSpot partner, but a few of your smaller clients only need the basics and a solution like Keap would not only make sense, but be a better fit for their budget.

Once you have determined your revenue expansion strategy be sure to align your business with marketing service companies that fit your go to market strategy. If you are looking at adding to your portfolio mix and your focus is on SMB’s then partner with a marketing services company that services SMB, rather than mid-market or enterprise.

Finally, make sure you understand the companies partner value proposition. Does it line up with how you run your business and service your clients? Most marketing service companies will let you test drive (demo) their service offering at no charge. Take advantage of this and do your due diligence. Whether it’s a clunker, a Ferrari or something in between, it will go a long way in helping you decide if they are a fit for your business.

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