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7 reasons why “EduSales” is a great sales methodology

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

We’ve all heard about various sales methodologies as being the best – especially as it pertains to channel selling – but I maintain that EduSales is not only a terrific sales methodology but when done right, there perhaps is no equal.

Definition of EduSales: “selling through education is the ability to inform your audience and demonstrate that your brand has useful knowledge that can impact its day to day operation. This is the knowledge you are willing to share, teach and pass along without restrictions. This positions your brand as a thought leader in your industry and builds credibility, trust, and ultimately translates into revenue growth.”

Some may argue that relationship-building is no longer the best sales methodology but by building credibility and trust you are building a relationship. I’ve seen this personally when I led a world-class field sales team at Constant Contact. We leveraged an EduSales model and educated over ONE MILLION businesses leading to unprecedented growth by building these relationships literally one business at a time. So here then are my seven reasons for believing it’s a terrific sales methodology.

1) You give prospects what they want, information, and advice and you remove what they do not want, a sales pitch.

2) You establish yourself as an authority because prospects and clients see you as a reliable expert.

3) You establish credibility and make a positive first impression by offering useful information rather than a sales pitch.

4) You earn your audience’s loyalty because you have tried to help them even if they do not become your customer.

5) You know exactly how effective this strategy works because it’s easy to track conversion.

6) You gain a competitive advantage because few if any of your competitors are doing this or doing this well.

7) You drive customer success as existing clients also gain knowledge that is useful which in turn reduces churn, drives engagement, and increases LTV.

Today one of the largest companies in the world leverages an “EduSales” methodology – you have probably heard of them... Google. They adopted an EduSales model several years ago as a key part of their strategy and (taking some cues from the program I built at Constant Contact) their program has now impacted over 5 million Americans and continues to play a key role in their growth.

EduSales is the gift that keeps on giving through information and advice that is immediately useful for the business to apply today - with no strings attached and no selling pressure. Accomplish that – and no doubt they will remember you when it comes time to make their purchase.


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