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Four keys to defining your partner channel TAM

Before you determine the TAM (total addressable market) for your service, you must first understand what the characteristics of your best partners are. This is typically referred to in the industry as your ICP (or ideal channel partner). Does their success mirror yours? Are their customers, your customers and so on. Once you understand that than you can look at the TAM and determine where you should apply the appropriate resources to acquire partners who give you the greatest opportunity for channel excellence.

1) What type of business are they?

Agency, consultant, influencer, coach, author, speaker, other? Are they a generalist or are they focused on a particular vertical (if so, why do they focus on that particular vertical?).

2) What does their business look like?

Are they a REAL business? Do they have a website? How many years have they been in business? How many employees do they have? What is their annual revenue? Is it trending up/down? How many clients do they have? What is the size of their marketing list?

3) How are they motivated to do/conduct business?

Are they actively engaged in growing their business? Or are they ok with the status quo? That will impact their likelihood of being a productive partner for you. How are they growing? Do they have a dedicated resource for selling/closing new business? Are they recognized as an industry expert and do they leverage that? Do they sell and service or only sell? Do they evangelize any other products or services today, and if so, how? Do they prefer cash up front or recurring revenue?

4) How they do business?

Do they have a GTM strategy? What are the specifics, lead generation, how many per month/quarter, do they service bundle and/or offer end-to-end solutions, do they leverage a one to one OR one to many client acquisition strategy? What channels do they use? IE., networking and events, edumarketing webinars (or in-person), trade shows/conferences, content (blogs, videos, white papers), social, email? Do they target a particular demographic such as small or medium businesses or enterprise?

When you put this all together you are creating your partner persona (or multiple persona's) which allows you to begin crafting relevant, useful content such as blog posts, white papers, press releases and newsletters that will resonate with those partners that give your channel the best opportunity for channel excellence and success.

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